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Commercial real estate is a competitive industry. Our team of professionals has years of experience and proven success creating comprehensive marketing and sales infrastructure strategies, building strong brands, securing fundraising opportunities, producing compelling videos, and designing impactful graphics. We can help you achieve your goals and drive growth in a tough market so you can focus on closing deals and meeting your bottom line.

Through six core steps, The Hubert Group will enable your company to transition your marketing and sales infrastructures into to a state that allows you to improve efficiency with a dynamic of measurement and optimization. The stages are:


Analyze each current demand generation marketing spend with where the resulting or influenced leads are in sales pipeline


Refine target personas to include their priorities, what makes them important to your company, where they are, and what is most valuable to them.


Now is the time to look at your current marketing stack to confirm it’s providing everything you need and add marketing technology that matches your needs.


A revenue-focused marketing plan brings everything together. Strategic approaches and tactical implementation are included, as well as expected results.


As the refined plan is implemented, it’s important that all actions and responses are measured throughout the marketing-sales pipeline. This is the only way to guarantee strong ROI and the peak performance.


By measuring conversion rates for all activities and responses throughout the marketing and sales pipeline, all efforts are effectively refined or optimized for even better results.

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A “set it and forget it” approach to marketing and sales does not work in today’s world. It conflicts with revenue-focused marketing’s promise of supporting ongoing growth. Now is the time for organizations with a long history to embrace their next stage of marketing. Stepping into the world of modern marketing will enable these organizations the ability to plot their next level of growth.

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